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Our family has had the privilege of having both our daughters work with Katie on their college essays this year and two years ago. I cannot thank Katie enough for the genuine thought that went into their writings. Both were admitted to the college of their choice, and I feel that it had a lot to do with Katie’s guidance in providing a clear picture of who they are as students and allowing the Admissions team to understand why they would be a good fit. Katie is patient, professional and a very talented writer who will not be disappointed once the work is done. I have one more daughter headed to high school soon and I will not hesitate to have her work with Katie when her time comes, it was a delight to have had Katie as their partner for this very stressful task, of which was made to look so easy by Katie.

I cannot recommend Katie enough! What a gift she was to me in helping my son navigate the college essay application experience. Through exercises and conversation she helped my son select experiences best suited for his essays.  She then thoughtfully supported and encouraged him through the writing and then editing of his pieces. It was such a positive experience for him in what otherwise could have been a stressful situation for both him and me.  Thank you Katie!

Katie did a wonderful  job of supporting my daughter with her college essays. She felt at ease with Katie immediately, making progress at every session. Katie provided feedback in a google doc between sessions which helped my daughter be as efficient as possible. Katie helped her to break down all the tasks and not feel so overwhelmed. 

We are both so thankful for Katie’s expertise. My daughter received 4 offers from some great colleges. We highly recommend Katie. 

My daughter had such  productive sessions with you. You really taught her and helped her very much. And she loved working with you because you made her feel right at home and are so pleasant to work with.
Working with Katie Zeigler was an absolute pleasure.  She worked with my daughter to create personal and persuasive essays that truly allowed my daughter to shine.  And it took the burden off me to correct and recorrect the writings which would add extra stress to our household.  I am immensely grateful that Katie worked with my child and allowed me to cheer her on rather than to act as the critic.  This arrangement allowed for much more harmony at home.  Thank you Katie!
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